About Us

Our Experience

After 32 years as a consultant, coach and teacher with the Gallup Organization, and decades of working with thought and research leaders in  strengths philosophy, Rosanne Liesveld is now bringing her experience and expertise to individuals, teams and organizations across the country.  Years of work with schools, non-profits, churches and businesses, both with individuals and with teams, have shaped Rosanne's approach to helping people refire their lives, their careers,  their organizations and their relationships.

Our Approach

Have you reached a point where you, your business or organization feels stagnant? Do you feel comfortable but not not challenged? Are you in a season of struggle or transition? 

Liesveld Strengths helps individuals and teams refire their purpose, direction and passion. Using the Clifton StrengthsFinder as an assessment for your talent, we coach and teach for meaningful outcomes and personal success.

Why Us?

Most developmental approaches focus on deficits.  That conventional approach can only take indiviauls and teams to average at best.  We will help you break that "average" barrier and get to new levels of engagement and producivity based on your strengths.

About Rosanne



"Rosanne Liesveld has a rich history with Gallup—as a teacher, a business leader, and an author.  She won an award for Teach with your Strengths—a philosophy she has carried in all her endeavors. She looks at children through the eyes of an adult with extreme individualization. She lived in a marriage admired by her friends. Her visible and emotional drive was matched with the wise counsel of a pastor, presenter, and coach.  Curt and Rosanne spent a combined 45 years with Gallup during the time the science of strengths was developed, tested, and growing to an audience of over 15 million people. Both have been critical players in helping individuals and organizations grow by better understanding of talents, leadership, and successes."    

- Connie Clifton Rath

President-Clifton Foundation

Gallup Board of Directors


Rosanne's life has been filled with rich experiences coaching and teaching thousands of people with a strengths focus.  She began her career as a vocal music teacher  then spent 32 years at Gallup working with school districts across the country.  In addition, she was an instructor and coach for  thousands  of excecutives, principals, managers and students.  She is the author of both Teach With Your Strengths and The Collision of Grief and Gratitude. Her work has won her awards and cherished opportunities to share with others about living a live of purpose and impact. 

Rosanne is certified by the International Coaching Federation and has had experience working with many types of organizations.  

Rosanne lives at her home, known as Liesveld Lottage, where she loves to share the area's natural beauty with everyone.